Everything you need to know about the Rome Colosseum tickets

Did you know the Colosseum could seat 80,000 spectators?

The Colosseum is an oval-shaped amphitheater that depicts Roman history’s beauty and tragedy.

More than seven million tourists visit this 2000-year-old attraction annually, used for gladiatorial contests and other spectator sports.

There are a lot of Colosseum tours and tickets available for visitors to choose from. Having the right tickets will make your trip worth the time and money. 

This article will take you through all the options and help you choose your perfect match.

Opening hours: 8.30 am to 7.15 pm

Ticket cost: €35

Best time to visit: At 8.30 am & at night

How to reach: Metro (Line B)

Nearest metro: Colosseo (2 to 3 minute walk)

Address: Piazza del Colosseo, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy Get directions

What to Expect?

The Colosseum is a must-see for any visitor to Rome. It was used for gladiatorial contests, animal hunts, public executions, and other forms of entertainment. 

This UNESCO World Heritage site exudes the phantom energy of the cheering crowds as you stand where they stood.

The most historically rich and popular sections of the amphitheater you must explore are the Arena Floor and Underground.

The Arena is accessible by its main entrance, the Gladiator’s Gate, and allows you to step onto the stage where Roman battles were fought by gladiators.

It has three tiers of seating, with the lower tiers reserved for elites and the upper tiers for the common people.

The Underground, also known as the Hypogeum, is a network of tunnels and chambers where the said gladiators along with animals and machines were staged before being sent to the Arena.

Types of Colosseum tickets

  • Standard Entry Tickets: This basic ticket grants access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, offering a self-guided exploration.
  • Last-Minute Priority Tickets: What if you are at the attraction without tickets and find a long queue at the counter? Do not worry; save your trip with the last-minute priority ticket.
  • Underground Tour Ticket: This ticket gets you behind-the-scenes access to the area where the gladiators rested while awaiting their fate. 
  • Night Tour: Experience the Colosseum in a new light with the Guided Colosseum Night Tour!
  • Full Experience Ticket: If you want to gain a gladiator’s point of view, you must stand on the Arena floor, which is possible with the full experience ticket with Arena Floor access.
  • Combo Tour: Visitors also opt for a Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Mamertine Prison combination tour to learn more about Rome. 
  • Small Group Tour: For a more private tour, book the small group tour of the Underground, Arena and Roman Forum. 
  • Guided Tour with Roman Forum: If you prefer a local guide to take you through the history of Rome and its masterpieces, opt for the Roman Forum and guided tour.

Which Tour is Best for You?

Visitor ProfileRecommended TourWhy?
History BuffColosseum and Roman Forum guided tourFor an in-depth understanding of the historical significance
Night OwlNight tourA unique and intimate tour with fewer crowds
Thrill SeekerSkip-the-line tour of the underground, arena and Roman forumTo save time and explore restricted areas
FamilyEntry tickets, Roman Forum with Multimedia VideoBudget-friendly
In-depth ExplorerWith the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Mamertine Prison or With Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with Arena Floor For a well-rounded exploration that covers the key sites
Gladiator EnthusiastEntry tickets, Underground and Arena floor guided tourFor a greater understanding of the gladiatorial aspect
Independent ExplorersWith Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with video guide For those who love to explore solo using a video guide
Archaeology EnthusiastColosseum and Arena Floor guided tourTo learn the archaeological secrets with an expert guide

Ticket prices

Why buy online Colosseum tickets
Image: Jupiterimages / Getty Images

The Colosseum entrance ticket price ranges from €29 to €129 based on selected tours. 

Here are our top picks along with their prices for you to plan a breezy visit:

Colosseum ticketsTicket prices
Entry tickets, Roman Forum with Multimedia Video€35 to €44
With Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with Arena Floor €59
With Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with video guide €40
Colosseum and Roman Forum guided tour €54
Skip-the-line tour of underground, arena and Roman forum€57
Colosseum and Arena Floor guided tour€64
Night tour€104
Entry tickets, Underground and Arena floor guided tour€109
With Roman Forum, Palatine hill and Mamertine Prison €29

Rome Colosseum Ticket Discounts

The skip the line ticket, which is the cheapest way to enter the attraction, costs €35 to €44 for all adults 18 years and older.

Children and youth up to the age of 17 years get an 80% discount on the adult ticket (a reduction of €29) and pay a reduced price of €6 for the family package.

Kids up to 17 years old enter for free. 

Colosseum Arena Floor tickets, the most popular option, cost €36 for all adults 18 years and older.

EU citizens get a discount of €20 on their Arena ticket and pay only €16 for entry. Kids up to 17 years old enter for free.

Discount Passes

Colosseum with Discount Passes
Image: Sborisov / Getty Images Pro

If you are holidaying in Rome and want to visit the Colosseum, you can choose from four discount passes.

Rome Super Pass with public transport is one easy discount card for the Italian capital’s best attractions, which is why it is our favorite.

The pass costs €115 for adults and €95 for children. 

It also gets you free access to the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Rome Super Pass also offers unlimited public transport on Rome’s Metro, Bus, and Tram.

It helps you save around 45% of your ticket and transportation costs during your Roman holiday.

You can find another discount pass for Rome called the Rome Tourist Card.

The famous tourist pass helps you access Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museum, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and Pantheon Rome.

 All of this is for just €88 per person.

The other two Rome city passes that help tourists save money are the Roma Pass and the Vatican City Pass.

Tip: Do the Math! Consider the length of your stay and how many attractions you plan to visit to determine if a pass is worthwhile.

When do Rome Colosseum tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale on the official platforms a month in advance. 

Be aware that tickets, especially during peak season (May to September), can sell out quickly.

Here are some budget-friendly options:

Can you buy tickets on the day of the visit?

The official site releases tickets every day, thirty days in advance, but they get sold out quickly during the peak season. 

Tourists who didn’t plan in advance can buy last-minute tickets on the day of their visit. 

You can buy these on the day, are usually released by the officials at midnight every day. 

Got delayed? Book Rome Colosseum tickets for the same-day.

How to get tickets?

Booking online guarantees your entry as tickets can sell out, particularly for popular time slots.

Why stand in exhausting long lines at the venue when your affordable tickets are a click away!

Book your Rome Colosseum tickets online with great discounts.

Why buy online tickets?

Online tickets will help you save money and time. You also avoid last-minute disappointment of unavailability of tickets.

Why dent your trip with a ticketless experience! That’s why we recommend buying your tickets to the Colosseum online.

How do online tickets work?

No need to wait for physical tickets or worry about losing them in the mail. When you book your tickets online, you get them in your email immediately. 

On the day of your visit, show the email you received on your mobile and walk in – no need to take printouts.

These online tickets get you direct priority entry into the monument.

Colosseum tickets Timed Entry System

Colosseum tickets are timed
Image: Rabbit75_cav

Even though the attraction could hold more than 50,000 spectators during the Gladiator Games, since 2019, it has a limit of 3000 tourists.

The authorities put the check-in to limit the damage done to the 2000-year-old ruins of the attraction. 

You must select a time and date while booking your entrance ticket.

These timed tickets help the authorities keep the count at 3,000 without making tourists wait long.

Make sure to reach the entrance 15 minutes before your scheduled time. 

You might have to pay for your Rome Colosseum tickets again if you miss your time slot.

If you did not get a chance to book your tickets in advance, book the last-minute priority entrance tickets.

Tip: Take screenshots of your e-tickets in case of internet connectivity issues at the venue.

Validity of online tickets to the Colosseum

Standard entry tickets have a validity of 24 hours.

But most of the guided tours and tickets with access to the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Arena, and other nearby places are valid for two days. 

If you haven’t explored everything on your first day, you can always return the next day to finish your tour.

However, you cannot access the same attraction twice. 

Free entry

Free entry to the Colosseum
Image: The_Double_A / pixabay

Entry to the Colosseum is free on the first Sunday of every month. 

However, you cannot book your entry tickets in advance. You can only collect the free entry tickets from the ticket window. 

Everyday visitors who qualify the below-mentioned criteria can enter the Roman Colosseum for free:

  • Guests under the age of 18 years
  • Newborn babies and up to two accompanying family members
  • Persons with disabilities and their caregivers (Please note that carrying your valid medical documentation of disability is essential)
  • European tour guides with proper documentation

You can also enter for free, if you have a Roma Pass.

Important Considerations:

  • Due to the popularity of free entry days, expect larger crowds and longer waiting times.
  • Free entry may not include access to special exhibitions or the Arena Floor.
  • If crowds are a concern, consider purchasing a ticket for a different day to enjoy a more manageable experience.

What to expect on a Colosseum tour

Its like living in the old ages and setting yourself in that part of history

Catz1206, TripAdvisor

What to see along with the Colosseum?

Attraction Description
Roman ForumIt is an expansive archaeological site showcasing the heart of the ancient Roman Republic and Empire. Explore the ruins of temples, basilicas, and triumphal arches.
Palatine HillOne of the seven hills of Rome, it offers stunning panoramic views of the city and archaeological treasures, such as the ruins of palaces.
PantheonA beautifully preserved ancient temple, now a church. Admire its perfect proportions and oculus, an opening in the ceiling.
Circus MaximusAn elongated racetrack where chariot races once took place. It offers a glimpse into Roman entertainment culture.


Can I buy tickets at the Colosseum?

Yes, tickets are available at the attraction till they run out. That’s why we recommend buying your tickets online.

Some of the the most popular Colosseum tickets are: 
With Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with Arena Floor
With Arena Floor guided tour
With Roman Forum Ticket with Multimedia Video
Underground and Arena Floor Night Tour

Does the Colosseum ticket include the Roman forum?

Yes, most of the tickets include entry to the Roman Forum. 

In addition to Roman Forum, you can also tour Palatine Hill. If you wish to have a complete experience of the attraction, book the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill with an Arena Floor ticket. 

Are Colosseum tickets timed?

Yes, all the Colosseum tickets are timed to moderate the number of visitors inside the attraction at a given time.  

Note: Ensure you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time to enjoy your tour.

Can I reschedule my Colosseum tickets?

Some tickets can be rescheduled until 24 hours before the tour time. However, it may be difficult to get your preferred time slot again.

How much does a Colosseum ticket cost?

The entrance ticket price is €35 to €44 for all visitors 18 years and above. Tickets for children and infants are discounted.

Should I buy the Colosseum ticket in advance?

The demand for the tickets is high and they usually get sold out soon if bought at the attraction. So, we suggest you book your tickets online in advance

How to get cheap Colosseum tickets?

The best way to find cheap tickets is online. You can book simple entry tickets, guided tours and even VIP night tours at affordable prices.

How far in advance can you book a Colosseum ticket?

While tickets are released 30 days in advance, to secure your spot, booking at least 2 weeks beforehand is wise, especially during peak tourist season. 

What day is the best to visit the Colosseum?

Weekdays are the best days to visit the Colosseum. With locals and tourists returning to their routine, the attraction has fewer crowds on the weekdays.

Can you take a backpack to the Colosseum?

Carry a small backpack because the Colosseum doesn’t allow large backpacks, as no storage locker facility is available at the attraction.

What is the best time to get to the Colosseum?

The best time of the year to visit the Roman Colosseum is between March and November for fewer crowds and pleasant weather. 

What to wear to the Colosseum?

There is no set dress code for the Colosseum. We suggest you wear comfortable clothes and footwear and try to avoid heels and stiff clothing. 

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