The regular Skip-the-Line Colosseum tickets are the cheapest way to get into the Colosseum.

Only when you reserve the tour with Arena Floor access tickets will you be able to step onto the Arena floor and experience the Colosseum from a gladiator’s perspective. These are the most popular among tourists. 

The guided tour of the Colosseum is preferred by tourists who would rather have a knowledgeable native walk them through Rome’s history and show them the city’s greatest work of art.

Colosseum ticket with the Video Guide is the best way to immerse yourself in the incredible history of Ancient Rome.

On the Colosseum Underground tour, guests can see where the gladiators waited with the caged wild animals while awaiting their destiny. 

Tip: Save money with Rome Super Pass with Public Transport

Featured Image : Anreeas Zerndl / Getty Images

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