Colosseum Arena and Underground


Also known as Flavian Amphitheater, Colosseum Arena is where the Gladiator battles took place.

Gladiators fighting each other and exotic animals to death, prisoners being executed, emperors hunting the animals set loose, you’d find the history and traces of it all in the Colosseum Arena tour

The arena provides you a view of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors, where spectators sat and enjoyed the battles. 

Since most of the arena floor was destroyed, you will get a view of the Hypogeum as well, also known as the Colosseum Underground, where the animals were kept, and Gladiators rested before being called out to fight. 

How to Explore the Colosseum Arena and Underground?

Entry to the Colosseum Arena is only available for guided tour tickets to the Colosseum and not on standard tickets. 

Colosseum Arena tickets include Skip-the-line access + Roman Forum + Palatine Hill tour along with a licensed tour guide who would share fascinating facts about the monument while you soak its beauty.

Unfortunately, the self-guided tour tickets don’t get you access to the Arena. If you don’t like large groups, we recommend the Ultimate Colosseum Arena Small Group Tour would suit you the best. 

You can explore the underground passages once used by gladiators and see where the beasts were caged to add vividness to your imagination of how it would have been like by taking Exclusive Colosseum Underground and Arena Tour

Colosseum Underground tour opens up access to alleys that are usually off-limits to visitors having standard tickets. 

Colosseum Underground Overview. Image: Adamfortuna

You can ditch the long standing queues and explore every nook and cranny with only a lesser crowd around you. 

There are many ticket options available for the Colosseum Arena Tour + Underground Tour, which usually ends with a trip to Roman Forum. 

Featured Image : Elnur

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