Colosseum Arena and Underground

The Colosseum Arena and Underground offer an extraordinary glimpse into the ancient world of gladiators and spectacles. 

Stepping onto the storied arena floor, you’ll walk in the footsteps of ancient warriors who once engaged in fierce battles for the entertainment of thousands. 

Descending into the Underground, you’ll explore the intricate network of tunnels and chambers that house wild animals, gladiators, and props hidden from the eager eyes of the audience above. 

Unravel the secrets of this awe-inspiring monument, immersing yourself in the captivating history and unparalleled engineering of the Colosseum’s Arena and Underground.

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Colosseum Arena

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The Colosseum Arena tickets take you back to the era of the gladiators in ancient Rome.

Colosseum’s Arena comprises the stage and the galleries.

The walls of the Arena stand out from the rest of the structure because of the red and black stone blocks.

The three levels of the gallery represent the various social classes of ancient Rome.

Roman aristocrats occupied the seats closest to the Arena’s podium. Citizens of lower social status climbed higher up the galleries.

The Arena views where spectators previously sat on the third, fourth, and fifth floors.

The Colosseum Arena floor tickets lead you through the doors to the Underground and the elevators.

The Colosseum had two main entrances: 

  • The northwestern ‘Porta Triumphalis’ or the gate used for triumphal processions. The gladiators entered the Arena through this gate.
  • The southeastern ‘Porta Libitinaria’ is named after the Roman Goddess of funerals and burial. 

They used this gate to remove the bodies from the Colosseum, Rome’s Arena of Death, who died during the fights.

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Colosseum Underground

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Emperor Domitian ordered the construction of the Underground at a later stage.

The Underground of the Colosseum got exposed from the top after a part of the Arena floor collapsed.

The VIP Colosseum night tour takes you to the Arena floor and the underground tunnels.

With access to the Arena floor, explore the tunnels and corridors of the Underground Colosseum tour. 

Get the Arena floor tickets for the guided tours to see the restricted areas.

The tunnels connect to the Ludus Magnus, the gladiator training area, and the main hallway.

Access the Roman Forum through these corridors. Take a glimpse of the animal chambers and lift that let the predators out to the Arena.

The 80 vertical shafts provide Colosseum Arena access through a network of trap doors.

They presented scenery components through these doorways to set up spectacles.

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Exclusive Colosseum Underground and Arena tickets 

Choose guided trips to visit the Colosseum’s Arena and Underground.

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The self guided tour tickets do not give access to the Arena. We recommend the Colosseum Arena Small Group Tour to avoid a larger crowd. 

VIP or Private tours of the Colosseum at night take you to the Underground and Arena floor.

Colosseum Arena and Underground FAQs

Can I explore the Colosseum’s Arena and Underground areas?

Visit the Arena and Underground with the guided tour tickets. You may explore the Arena and Underground portions of the historic amphitheater.

You can opt for different guided and private tour tickets to explore the Roman monument.

Are both the Arena and Underground excursions appropriate for people of all ages?

Age never creates a bar when you plan excursions with people of all ages in general.

Visitors should be aware that some sites may have uneven ground or poor lighting. 

Wear comfortable shoes and use caution while on the trip.

What is the duration of the Arena and Underground tour?

The tour lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours. It gives you plenty of opportunity to explore the Arena and Underground areas.

Discover their historical significance, and listen to the guides’ engaging anecdotes.

During the tour, are there any restrictions or limitations?

You cannot touch or climb historic structures.

Do not carry any sharp objects, such as a knife.

Do not carry heavy bags while visiting the Colosseum.

Can I take pictures during the night tour?

The Colosseum allows photography during the Arena and Underground tour. It helps in keeping the memories of the place you visited. 

Make sure to do something other than flash photography inside the monument. 

This regulation preserves the artifacts and promotes a respectful atmosphere for all visitors.

Do the tour of the Arena and Underground cost extra?

Trips to the Arena and the Underground that are private or guided cost more. The regular Colosseum admission tickets have lower prices.

Check different links in this article to get good options for your guided tour tickets.

Can I pre-order tickets for the Arena and Underground tour?

We recommend you book your ticket for the Arena and Underground tour in advance.

Tickets get sold out quickly, especially the night tour tickets. You can reserve your tour slot by booking online.

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