Best Colosseum Tours

You can relive the ancient eras with the best guided tours of the Colosseum.

They reveal intricate, unheard tales behind the walls and the secret messages of the Colosseum’s construction.

But with various tours on offer, choosing the right one can be tricky.  

This guide simplifies your decision-making, helping you find the perfect Colosseum tour to match your interests and budget.

We recommend opting for the Underground Colosseum tour, which gives you access to all of Colosseum’s major attractions.

Choosing the Perfect Tour

Consider these factors when choosing a Colosseum tour:

  • Interests: Are you fascinated by gladiatorial combat, Roman architecture, or the daily life of ancient Romans? Choose a tour that aligns with your interests.
  • Time: How much time do you have? Guided tours typically last 1.5 to 3 hours, while self-guided tours offer more flexibility.
  • Budget: Consider the cost of different tours. Skip-the-line and private tours offer advantages but come at a premium price.
  • Language: Many tours cater to multilingual audiences. Choose a tour with commentary in the language you prefer.

Here are our most recommended tours of the Colosseum:

Colosseum TourIdeal ForAdult Ticket (18 to 99 Years) Price
Colosseum Arena, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill TourExplorers & architecture enthusiasts€53
VIP Colosseum TourPriority seekers€85
Skip-the-line Colosseum TourTime-conscious travelers€104
Underground Tour and Ancient RomeHistory buffs & explorers€107
Colosseum Night TourNight owls€123
These are the best tours of the Colosseum that provide priority access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and the Arena floor.

With your Colosseum tour tickets, you receive a digital audio guide that improves your overall experience.

A more affordable alternative is a self guided tour of the Colosseum that gives you access to an audio guide and a 25-minute multimedia video.

Is the Underground Colosseum tour worth it?

Absolutely! The guided tour of the Colosseum Underground Arena and Forum takes you back to the gladiator era in ancient Rome.

Your professional tour guides will accompany you on the Rome Colosseum Underground Tour through passageways and the Arena floor.

With privileged access to the Arena floor, explore the dungeons, tunnels, and chambers of the Underground Colosseum tour from the top. 

View the cages where the wild creatures lived, the gladiator training grounds, and the elevators leading to the Arena floor.

As you navigate the dark corners, hear stories about gladiators and creatures that prepared for the battle here.

The Underground Colosseum tour does come with some considerations.  

These tours typically cost more than standard tours, and due to their popularity, booking in advance is essential.

Duration of guided tours of the Colosseum

The tour time varies depending on the kind of guided tour you choose.

On average, it takes 1.5 to 3 hours to tour the complex. 

The Colosseum night tours with guides take about 1.5 to 2 hours.

These tours often focus on the complexities of the Colosseum’s history.

Looking for a more flexible option? Consider a self-guided audio tour which allows you to move at your own pace and cover the sections that pique your interest.

Read more about it to plan your visit here.

What is included in a guided tour?

The guided tours of the Colosseum come with quite a few benefits that make your visit memorable.

1. Skip the long lines

You get skip-the-line access to the Rome Colosseum when you opt for guided tours.

With the best Colosseum tours, you can enjoy the freedom of entering without waiting in long queues.

2. Fast-tracked visit

Fast-track admission allows you to avoid busy areas with a knowledgeable guide.

Booking a fast-track and skip-the-line Colosseum tour gives you access to view the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill without waiting in line.

3. Self-guided ticket options

You can get a self guided tour with skip-the-line tickets too.

The Colosseum and Roman Forum Ticket with Multimedia Video includes all the facilities you would need for a self-guided tour of the Colosseum.

4. Private and VIP tours

You can select a Colosseum private tour for up to 12 people with exclusive access.

Being in a small group has the benefit of allowing you to browse through Roman history slowly.

Additionally, you get a few guided tours thoughtfully designed for families.

5. No language barrier

Choose the language you are comfortable in to overcome language difficulties.

You can choose any language for your Colosseum private tour, including English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc. 

6. Colosseum night tours

A guided Colosseum night tour lets you see the lit-up stadium and underground passageways in the shadows, away from other tourists.

Check here for more information on the Colosseum at Night!

Other tickets also grant selective entry to the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, the Arena, and the Underground Colosseum tour. 

Tips for guided tours

  • Before embarking on the best guided tours of the Colosseum, be sure to have a valid ID and proof of your appointment with you. 
  • For your comfort while walking on the guided tours of the Colosseum, we suggest you dress comfortably. 
  • We suggest you carry a water bottle and sunscreen to stay hydrated while the sun scorches overhead. 
  • Pack a light lunch or snacks because food options around the Colosseum can be costly.

Colosseum Guided Tour FAQs

How long does a guided tour of the Colosseum typically last?  

The chosen guided tour dictates the length, with many options to meet all tastes. 

Expect to spend at least 1.5 to 3 hours exploring the Colosseum with a guide, so plan accordingly.  

Can I skip standing in line by signing up for a Guided Tour? 

The benefit of the guided Rome Colosseum underground tour is that it avoids long wait times in queues. 

Book beforehand and get priority access to use your time effectively without any unwanted delays.

Are headsets provided?

Each guest receives a set of headsets upon arrival. It ensures impeccable sound throughout their journey. 

Audio guides are available in various languages for all kinds of visitors.

What is the permitted attire for participating in the Guided Tour? 

While there is no dress code, we advise choosing clothing and shoes that provide comfort.

Please remember that some parts of the Colosseum have uneven surfaces for walking. Avoid high-heeled shoes and wear good walking shoes for this purpose.

Are children eligible for the guided tour? 

A guided tour of the Colosseum offers inclusivity and openness to everybody, irrespective of their age.

Families get the opportunity to learn and have fun experiences together that could also be enriching. 

You can have experience catering to different ages and ensuring a delightful and informative tour for each group.

Which parts of the Colosseum can I see on the guided tours?

The best Colosseum tours include walking down the historic areas of:
– The Underground – has Gladiator barracks, chambers, tunnels
– The Arena – where gladiators performed fights
– The Galleries for viewers up to five levels
– Training halls of the gladiators or Ludus Magnus
– Animals’ rooms and elevators to the Arena

Is it necessary to book a guide in advance?

Yes, we highly recommend booking a guided tour in advance. Tours sell out quickly, especially during peak season.

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