How to get to the Colosseum

Are you wondering how to get to the Colosseum or where Colosseum is located? Fear not, for we have you covered! 

To reach the Colosseum, you have several convenient options. 

One way is to take a leisurely walk to nearby attractions or hop on a bus or tram for a hassle-free journey. 

If you prefer the underground, the metro provides direct access to the Colosseum. 

Additionally, taxis and rideshare services offer a convenient and comfortable option. 

You can also reach the Piazza Del Colosseo, approximately 1-kilometer southeast of Rome’s city center. Get Directions

So, now that you know how to reach the Colosseum, prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey through history!

In this article, learn how to get to the Colosseum by metro, bus, tram, or walk.

Note: Book the Roma Pass to reach the Colosseum hassle-free with free access to Rome’s public transport.

By Metro

The “Colosseo” metro stop is 2-3 minutes from the Colosseum.

The metro connects lines A and B of Rome, where you get on “Line B” to reach the Colosseum. 

Line B runs via the Colosseo Metro stop

Book your Rome metro tickets or get a metro pass in Rome for more accessible transit in and around the city.

By Bus 

Bus route numbers 60, 75, 85, 87, 271, 571, 175, 186, 810, 850, C3, and 117 take you to the monument.

Make sure to buy tickets before boarding the bus, as you won’t get tickets on the bus.

Purchase bus tickets to Rome from any newspaper stand, metro station, tobacco store, or cafe.

Good bus service connectivity and affordable bus tickets to Rome improve your tour experience.

Verify the local bus timetables and routes to plan how to reach there.

By Tram  

Tram line 3 in Rome passes by the Colosseum and offers a comfortable mode of transportation. 

Take the Metro A line, get off at the Manzoni stop, and switch to the number 3 tram line to reach the Colosseum.

You have the Piazza del Colosseo tram stop outside the Colosseum location. 

Get tram tickets from newspaper stands, metro stations, tobacco stores, or cafes.

The bus and tram tickets work on an honor-based system where regular manual checks don’t happen.

Bus/ Tram/ Metro Ticket price

Find some details on ticket prices below:

  • Single-use (100 minutes bus/tram + 1 metro ride): €1.50
  • 24-hour (unlimited bus/tram/metro): €7
  • 48-hour (unlimited bus/tram/metro): €12.50
  • 72-hour (unlimited bus/tram/metro): €18
  • Weekly (unlimited bus/tram/metro): €24

By Walking 

By Walking
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Strolling to the Colosseum location from the city center of Rome can be fun. 

Walking through the streets of Rome gives spectacular views of Roman culture and history across the city.

Check the map to see how to get to the Colosseum.

By Bike

If you are fond of adventure and can take physical exertion, cycling across the city can be another option.

Many rental companies in Rome let tourists hire electric cycles for city tours to the Colosseum.

By Car

By Car
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Drive to the Colosseum if you want to.

Parking can be stressful in the center of Rome, near the Colosseum location.

The Colosseum has no parking spaces, so use nearby parking spaces.

Fori Imperiali or Celio Vibenna can reach the paid parking areas near the Colosseum.

By Taxi

If you want to avoid public transportation, you can hire a taxi.

Make sure you board a taxi that has an official license.

They have the Commune di Roma logo and a “Taxi” sign.

When you board the taxi, ensure your cab has a meter, and the driver turns it on.

From Train station

Situated 2 kilometers from the Colosseum, you can travel from the Termini train station to the Colosseum.

The Rome underground metro lines A and B cross near the Termini station.

So you can take the B line metro or a bus from the station to the Colosseum.

From Fiumicino Airport

Direct bus transfers from Fiumicino airport take you to Termini station, where you get metro and bus services.

You can also take the Trenitalia train that departs every 15 minutes to Tiburtina station in 40 minutes.  

From there, take the subway line B to the Colosseum location stop. 

From Ciampino Airport 

You can avail yourself of the shuttle and direct bus transfers from the Ciampino Airport.

Bus route 520 takes you from this airport closer to the Subauguta and Cinecittà stops of metro line A.

Bus route 720 takes you to the more remote Laurentina station of metro line B.  

Once you reach any metro station, you can use a metro pass in Rome to travel to the Colosseum.

Tips: Book the Vatican & Rome Experience Pass which gives you access 3 to 7 attractions with free bus service and an audio guide. 

How to reach FAQs 

To reach the legendary Colosseum, what distance must one traverse from the bustling hub of Termini, Rome’s arterial railway station?

The distance between the two iconic landmarks spans approximately 1.5 kilometers or roughly 0.9 miles.
The walking distance is almost 15 to 20 minutes. 
You could take the Rome metro (Line B) from Termini to the Colosseo central platform, much closer to the Colosseum.

Can we take a taxi or ride-sharing service en route to the Colosseum?

One can even take a cab or choose a ride-sharing service like Uber to the Colosseum City in Rome.  
Taxis are available at designated taxi stations located around the city.  

You can make a car request using ride-sharing apps.

Is there any parking place near the Colosseum?

Located in the city’s historic core, the Colosseum has limited parking. 
However, there are only a few paid parking spaces and garages available nearby.  
Embarking on a journey to the Colosseum via car demands thorough preparation. 

Can we ride a bike to the Colosseum?

One can also ride their bike to Colosseum City from the station.  
One can also rent a particular bicycle from one of the many stations located throughout Rome. 
There are several services for hiring bikes privately. 

Is there any way to reach out to the Colosseum for disabled people?

The Colosseum often makes every effort to make the facilities accessible to every impaired visitor.  
Ramps and lifts are accessible to wheelchair users. 
Check out the Colosseum’s official website for preparation beforehand with specific information.

Is there a guided tour available at the Colosseum?

You can avail yourself of many options with guided tours of Colosseum when visiting the Colosseum.  

Here are our top picks of Rome Colosseum tours:
Priority Access Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Tour
Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum Guided Tour
Colosseum Night Tour

These tours offer detailed data about the monument’s heritage and significance. 
Try online reservations or direct bookings with Rome tour companies for guided tours.

Is a reservation for transportation or a tour required to see the Colosseum?

Buy bus or tram tickets from any cafe, metro station, tobacco shop, or newspaper stand.

You can get the metro pass in Rome at the stations.
We strongly advise booking advance tickets to the Colosseum and guided tours.

Featured Image: Mariusz Jurgielewicz / Getty Images

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