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The Colosseum Arena:

Image: AndreyPopov - Getty Images

Where once gladiators stood.

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The Arena, where the fate of gladiators was decided and where legendary warriors were born.

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Image: Moritz Kindler

Visiting such a glorious battlefield requires a special ticket.

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A ticket that not just gives you access to explore the arena but also, makes you a priority visitor too.

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Helping you skip the 3 hour long entry line during peak season and weekends.

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You can also opt for a guided tour where you are provided a guide that takes you on a ride of history.

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History enthusiasts choose this option to learn about the stories you usually won't read on the internet.

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Visiting just the arena and not what's underneath it.

Image: Ahmed Almakhzanji

Won't do your tour justice.

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You can also buy a personalized tour of the arena by purchasing a VIP tour pass.

Image: Ian Noble

When in Rome, roam like Cesar.

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Catch a glimpse of the Colosseum beneath the stars.

Image: David Monje

Experience what the colosseum looks like at night.