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The central neighborhood consists of many areas for car parking near Colosseum Rome.

The Colosseum does not possess a parking garage.

If you go in your car, opt for the parking in Rome near Colosseum.

Being at the center of the city of Rome, parking near Rome Colosseum becomes expensive at times.

Avail these parking spaces within a 10-minute walk to one of the seven wonders of the world.

Numerous car parks for parking near Colosseum provide online information for booking.

Parking for the Colosseum 

Let us give you a few options for car parking near Colosseum Rome that makes your trip easier.

Park Services Colosseum

They provide services like a parking garage, tire center, and workshop

Located 150 meters from the Colosseum, it remains open throughout the year.

It offers parking areas for two-wheelers, vans, small, medium, and vehicles.

They provide unlimited entry and exit tickets for full-day tickets at a certain cost.

They have per-hour rates as well for all vehicles.

You have to leave the keys at the parking lot.

Opening time:

Open Daily from 6.30 am to 1 am.

Park Colosseo

Park Colosseo provides a 24-Hour surveillance parking facility.

Located 200 meters from the Colosseum, it allows easy access to the other Roman monuments of the city.

Tram lines 3 and 8 pass near this garage parking in Rome near Colosseum.

Metro line B also crosses this park connecting other parts of the city.

They provide manual car wash service and will start with charging points for electric vehicles.

Another service for visitors includes the luggage storage facility for those with or without parked vehicles.

It has access facilities for people with mobility problems.

Opening time:

Open Daily from 6.30 am to 1 am.

The timings vary during Christmas and New year.

Parking Sant’ Aganta

Located near the Colosseum, this car park provides parking to vehicles of all sizes.

Suitable for low-bottom and sports cars, you can also park your motorcycle, bicycle, and electric vehicles.

This indoor parking with wifi connectivity has no steps and unevenness for people with mobility.

You can charge your electric vehicles here.

They provide pick up and delivery service of your car from the car park.

Based on the occasion, they give car valet service as well.

For any technical repairs, they have partners who give towing and car repair services at an agreed rate.

Opening Time:

Monday to Saturday: 6.30 am to 12 am.

Sundays and Holidays 7.30 am to 1 pm and 6.30 pm to 12 am.

The timings vary during Christmas and New year.

Want to save time and money? You can opt for Rome Super Pass.

Colosseum parking price

Image: MyParking.eu

Find out the different rates for parking in Rome near Colosseum.

Motorbike/ Scooter

Two wheelers ParkingOne Day1 HourLocation
Park Colosseo Car Park€20€6Get Directions
Park Service Colosseum Car Park€25€2Get Directions

Car (Small and Medium vehicles)

Car ParkingOne Day1 HourLocation
Park Colosseo Car Park€30-45*€5-7*Get Directions
Park Service Colosseum Car Park€30€4Get Directions
Parking Sant’ Aganta€40€5Get Directions

*depending on vehicle size.

Large Vehicles

Large Vehicle ParkingOne Day1 HourLocation
Park Service Colosseum Car Park€40€5 / hourGet Directions


Van ParkingOne Day1 HourLocation
Park Colosseo Car Park€70€10Get Directions
Park Service Colosseum Car Park€50€7 Get Directions
Parking Sant’ Aganta€60€6Get Directions

These parking services run special promotions during certain hours or days of the week. 

Parking in Rome near Colosseum becomes economical if you visit the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill as well.

Parking Zones and Regulations

It’s crucial to be familiar with the car parking near Colosseum Rome and across Italy.

Parking AreaType of parking
PinkPregnant women and mothers with newborns (up to 2 years)
WhiteFree (upto 3 hours)
YellowHandicapped drivers

*Note: Parking remains free in the Blue areas on public holidays and Sundays. 

You get discounted rates for Blue stripe parking areas based on your proximity to long-term parking.

Parking areas with blue stripes and near some hospitals remain free for parking. 

A few blue zones have been delimited by white stripes to regulate time for a maximum of 3 hours.

You can always reserve a parking spot online near the Colosseum, before your visit.

While you make a reservation in advance, compare parking prices and the distance of the areas.

We’d recommend you book your Colosseum tickets online and in advance.

Essential considerations for parking in Rome 

Rome is a safe city, with low crime, except for petty infractions. However, it’s best to check and remove all valuables from your vehicle before parking. 

Whether in a parking garage or free parking in the city, make sure not to keep any belongings visible from the outside.

To aid your convenience, we’d suggest you use your phone’s digital maps application to mark your car’s parking location.

Colosseum Parking FAQs

Is parking in Rome cost-free?

As parking is not available near the Colosseum, the places close by offering parking do not remain cost-free. 

Being a popular city with major tourist attractions around the city center, mostly there are limited parking spaces available in the vicinity. 

However, usually, they charge parking fees, except on weekends and holidays. 

Public transportation or any nearby parking garages might even have to visit the Colosseum is advisable and as parking directly to the site might get challenging and even much more expensive.

Is Parking Available at Rome’s Colosseum?

Parking is available but not so close to Rome’s Colosseum, but places around it. 

Several parking lots are available near the Colosseum where visitors can easily park their vehicles but have limited parking space. 

Parking facilities available around do provide convenient access to the iconic landmark, allowing visitors to easily explore the area around. 

However, it is also essential to take into notice that parking fees might apply, and availability would even vary depending on the hour of day and season.

What is the cost of Parking near the Colosseum?

Parking lots have different options for motorbikes, scooters, cars of different sizes, and vans.

Find the per-hour rates below:

For motorbikes, parking fees range from €2 to €6.
For cars, parking fees range from €4 to €7.
For vans, parking fees range from €6 to €10.

Is there any time restriction for parking areas near the Colosseum?

Some parking areas near the Colosseum may have time restrictions, especially in residential zones. 

Pay attention to signage and any regulations to avoid fines or towing.

How long can I park at the Colosseum?

The maximum parking duration may vary depending on the specific parking facility. 

Some lots may have time limits, while others offer long-term parking options.

It is vital to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the parking area mainly to avoid any other issues.

Can we pre-book parking space beforehand at the Colosseum?

While pre-booking parking specifically at the Colosseum may not be available. 

Some nearby parking facilities allow online reservations. 

We recommend checking with individual parking providers for pre-booking options.

What do the color zones for parking mean in Rome city?

Different color zones have allocations for different categories.

Blue zone offers general paid parking to all with discounts.

Hospital areas give free parking for up to 3 hours if it has white stripes.

The Pink zone allocates pregnant women and mothers with newborns of up to 2 years.

The White zone gives Free parking for up to 3 hours.

The Yellow zone allocates drivers with mobility issues.

Featured Image: SimeonStoilov from Pexels

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