Parking near Colosseum


If you plan to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, you are in for good news. 

It is easy to find parking near the Colosseum and most of Rome’s places. 

Parking for the Colosseum 

While there is no Colosseum parking garage, you can easily find several spots for parking near Colosseum, Rome. 

However, none of them are free.

Usually, parking costs 25-40 Euros per day in this part of the city. 

Most parking spots are within a 10 minutes walk of the popular tourist attraction.

You can find several of these parking spots near the Colosseum online. 

Parking services around Colosseum

Car ParkingFor 1 DayFor 4 to 6 hoursFor 1 hourCar park’s location
Park Service Colosseum Car Park€26€15/6 hrs€4Google Map
Parking Sant’ Aganta€13/15 hrs€16.49/4 hrs€5Google Map
Park Colosseo Car Park€27€16/6 hrs€8/2 hrsGoogle Map

These parking services also have special offers running on specific timings or days of the week. 

Most visitors explore the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill as well while visiting the Colosseum. 

If you also plan to visit all the three attractions, these car parks come in handy. 

Want to save money on public transport? Opt for the Rome Super Pass. It gets you free entry to the best of Rome – Vatican, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum.
The Pass also gets you free, unlimited transport in the city’s Metro, Tram, and Bus.

Basement car parking near Colosseum. Image: Park Services Colosseum

Parking Zones in Rome

It’s essential to be aware of the parking zones and their rules. Parking zones across Italy are defined by four colors.

Parking Zones (Colours)Type
WhiteFree (maximum time limit is 3 hours)
YellowHandicapped drivers
PinkPregnant women and mothers with newborns

Note: Parking in the Blue areas is free on public holidays and Sundays. 

It’s best to prepare ahead of time. Book your parking slot at the Colosseum prior to your visit.

When you book in advance, you can compare parking rates and choose the nearest and cheapest option for yourself. 

We’d recommend you to book your Colosseum tickets online and in advance.

Online bookings help you avoid long queues and bag cheaper deals compared to offline ticket counters. 

Essential considerations for parking in Rome 

Rome is a safe city, with low crime, except for petty infractions. However, it’s best to check and remove all valuables from your vehicle before parking. 

Whether in a parking garage or free parking in the city, make sure there is no luggage or electronics visible from the outside. 

For tourists and travelers, it’s common to forget routes or miss streets. 

To aid your convenience, we’d suggest you use your phone’s digital maps application to mark your car’s parking location.

Featured Image: SimeonStoilov from Pexels

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