Colosseum’s Audio & Video Guide


Audio, Video guides, as well as virtual reality tours are popular with tourists visiting the Roman Colosseum.

You can book a Colosseum with Multimedia Video, Video Guide, audio guide multiple languages, or opt for the attraction’s virtual reality tour ticket to have a self-guided adventure.

Colosseum’s video guide tour

A video-guided or Virtual Reality tour of the Colosseum can give you the best visual experience. 

You can ditch the long monologue of your guides on the rich history and stories of the Colosseum. 

Instead, see the spectator seats filled with Roman spectators, cheering the gladiators even as they fight for their life and glory. Buy now!  

Colosseum’s video guide complements your tour of the Roman masterpiece, and you can stop at specific points for a video guide experience. 

If you opt for this ticket, you will use a VR headset for a spectacular visual experience of what once existed in reality. 

Learn about the Colosseum’s history and explore the arena, underground corridors and much more using interactive 3D reconstruction. 

Audio guide tours

If you don’t want to book a guided tour, but are looking for a cheaper option, Colosseum’s audio guides are just perfect.

The regular skip the line Colosseum tickets come with these audio guides.

You can download the audio guide app from the iOS or Android store by following the steps in the Audio Guide Access Instructions in the booking confirmation email.

The best part is that the mobile app can operate offline.

A Colosseum audio tour usually lasts for one hour and ten minutes and are available in multiple languages. 

They are available in LIS (Italian Sign Language), ASL (American Sign Language), Portuguese, Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian and English.

These can be an excellent option for you if you prefer to explore historical monuments and tourist destinations self-guided, at your own pace. 

Audio-guided tours provide detailed insight into Colosseum’s history, purpose and architecture. 

They are also cheaper compared to the guided group tours for the Colosseum. 

Self-guided tour or guided tour

There are multiple types of Colosseum guided tour tickets available for tourists. 

Typically, a group consists of 20 to 30 tourists and is led by a local guide. 

Guided tours with fewer participants say 12 to 15, are also available.

A semi-private Colosseum tour usually has six to ten members.

The fewer the number of tourists in the group, the costlier the guided tour.

If the tour cost is not an issue, and you want to hear stories and anecdotes, we recommend a guided tour.

Guided tours with fewer participants are intimate and personal because the guide can answer most of your questions.

If you are on a budget holiday and want to explore the Roman attraction at your own pace, it is better to opt for the skip the line ticket.

They are the cheapest way to enter the ancient marvel.

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