Colosseum’s Audio & Video Guide

Enhance your visit to the Colosseum with the remarkable Colosseum Audio and Video Guide. 

This immersive guide provides invaluable insights into the fascinating history of this ancient wonder. 

The Colosseum Audio and Video Guide allows you to explore at your own pace while experiencing informative commentary and vivid visuals. 

Plug into captivating details about the architecture, gladiatorial contests, and the significant role the Colosseum played in ancient Rome. 

Immerse yourself in the past as you navigate through this iconic monument with the Colosseum Audio and Video Guide, ensuring an enriching and unforgettable experience. 

Note: Find the best of the best Colosseum audio guides/video guides included in these highly recommended tickets:

Colosseum audio guide/video guide ticketsAdult ticket (18+ years) price
Colosseum video guide ticket (optional audio guide)€35
Fast-track Colosseum audio guide and Forum ticket€35
Colosseum skip-the-line ticket (option between tour guide or audio guide)€67

You can also get Colosseum tickets with audio and video guide tours and immersive virtual reality multimedia tours.

You can even book a Roman Colosseum video tour with an audio guide in multiple languages.

Video Guide Tours

Choose a video guide for an immersive and affordable self-guided tour.

Here are the available guide options:

  • Standard Video Guide: The Roman Colosseum video tour displays pictures and films of the Colosseum’s past and the journey of the Arena and the Underground.
  • Audio Guide with Multimedia: The Colosseum tickets with audio guides and multimedia provide headsets.
  • Interactive Audio Guide with Video:  Take your experience to the next level with an interactive app featuring both audio narration and video content.
  • VR Experience: For a truly unforgettable adventure, opt for a VR ticket that includes a VR headset alongside the video guide

You can collect the Colosseum video tour guide from the allocated booths at the entrance or swap your digital voucher for the video guide in your Roman Colosseum video tour.

One of the best options is the Colosseum and Roman Forum Ticket with Multimedia Video priced at €35 for adults.

This ticket includes a captivating 25-minute video guide that brings the Colosseum’s past to life.

You can also opt for the Colosseum audio guide with an additional €5 to make your trip more wholesome.

Note: Learn about the Colosseum’s history and explore the arena, underground corridors

Audio Guide Tours 

Audio guide tours
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Try the Colosseum audio guide download if you want a low-cost alternative.

This option allows you to explore at your own pace, focusing on areas that pique your curiosity.

The standard Colosseum ticket and regular skip-the-line Colosseum tickets also come with audio guides.

So, if you don’t want to opt for a guided tour, you get to experience the Colosseum thoroughly starting at just €35 with these tickets.

Here’s how to access your audio guide:

  • Download Instructions: Upon booking your tickets, check your confirmation email for a download link and instructions (if applicable).
  • Offline Access: No need to worry about connectivity! The app works in offline mode, allowing you to enjoy the tour seamlessly.

An audio guide’s duration is about seventy minutes and accommodates multiple languages.

It includes Italian Sign Language, American Sign Language, Portuguese, Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English.

Note: The audio guide for the Colosseum comes cheaper compared to the guided group tours for the Colosseum. 

Self Guided Tour or Guided Tour 

Deciding between a self-guided or guided tour of the Colosseum depends on your travel style and budget. Here’s a breakdown of both options to help you choose:

Self-Guided Tours:

  • These tickets provide you with the cheapest way to explore this ancient marvel.
  • It is perfect for budget-conscious travelers and independent explorers who enjoy self-discovery.
  • A handy digital guide takes you through the history of the Colosseum.
  • It allows you to self-learn and enjoy Roman Marvel and its captivating stories.

Guided Tours:

  • The Colosseum guided tour tickets can be exhausting but more engaging as well.
  • It is perfect for travelers seeking a deeper understanding of the Colosseum’s history and culture.
  • Choose from group tours (20-30 people) for lively interaction with fellow travelers, or opt for smaller, semi-private tours (6-10 people) for a more personalized experience with the guide.
  • Prices for guided tours vary based on group size.

Therefore, if you have the budget, we recommend you opt for Guided tours with local expert guides.

They have an advantage over digital guides as human intellect provides a more pleasant experience when recreating history.

But if you prefer to walk independently, check out these self guided tour tickets.

Audio & Video Guide FAQs

How can I access the Audio & Video Guide for the Colosseum?

The best way to get access to the Colosseum audio and video guide is by booking a ticket that includes the same. 

One of the best options is the Colosseum and Roman Forum Ticket with Multimedia Video priced at €35 for adults with access to the audio guide at an additional €5.

Can I use the Audio & Video Guide during my visit to the Colosseum? 

While you visit the historic ruins of the Colosseum, enjoy the multimedia guides offering insightful information and exciting content. 

Take a Colosseum self guided audio tour at your leisure by simply bringing your smartphone with the download app.

Are there different language options available in the Audio & Video Guide? 

Yes, the Colosseum’s audio and video guides offer a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Russian and more.

For differently-abled visitors, they provide Italian and American Sign Languages.

Can I use the Audio & Video Guide outside of the Colosseum?

The downloadable audio guide is also accessible outside the Colosseum. Check your booking confirmation email for a download link.

Does one have to pay extra to access the Colosseum’s Audio & Video Guide?

The Colosseum video guide is included in this Multimedia Video ticket priced at €35.

The admission ticket also includes an option to opt for the Colosseum audio guide at an extra €5.

Should I book the Audio & Video Guide in advance?

Yes, we highly recommend buying the Colosseum audio and video guide beforehand for prompt accessibility. 

What is the extent of the Colosseum’s Audio & Video Guide?

The Colosseum audio guide and video guide spans 25 minutes, delivering a plethora of historical anecdotes and stimulating highlights. 

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